Journal of INTI was first published in December 1977 by the Faculty of Art & Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA (formally known as Institut Teknologi MARA) as a useful way to provide knowledge in highlighting the importance of art and design as a discipline, which is also enriched with philosophical, aesthetic and humanistic values. Published biannually, Journal of INTI offers opportunities for researchers, artists, activists, practitioners, art critics and art historians to publish their papers in the form of articles or essays pertaining issues that encompass the whole aspect of visual arts, from theories to practices.

Several important issues that had been grasped include national identity, traditional and indigenous arts, the relation of human and arts and other issues surrounding the world of design, modern as well as contemporary arts. Apart from academic writings, Journal of INTI also published insets of selected artworks by local artists and designers. Journal of INTI’s editorial boards consists of the academic staff of Faculty of Art & Design who possess skills and knowledge in the field of history, theory and practice, strengthened by a group of editorial panels from local and international universities.

Journal of INTI is an ideal platform for everybody to engage and indulge into writing on arts and design education research, visual culture, archaeology, anthropology, and others especially in the art fields.
The online journals will bring the most relevant and interesting happenings, current issues and knowledges around the art scene from all parts of the world. Art writers, artists, art historians, designers, anthropologists, archaeologists, sociologists, art managers and others are invited to present manuscripts and to share views regarding any current issues pertaining the suggested themes.

Journal of INTI welcome the submission of articles in the related themes, but not permitted to:

Theme 1: ARTS EDUCATION – Teaching and learning art practices, ways of learning, ways of seeing, art pedagogies, art and self-inquiry.

Theme 2: ARTS THEORY AND HISTORY – Theories in art history, aesthetic, continuity and changes in art histories, art movements, art products, ethics of art.

Theme 3: NEW MEDIA, TECHNOLOGY AND DESIGN – Digital arts, moving pictures (Multimedia, film etc), design technologies, online arts, mixed media, virtual art forms.

Theme 4: SOCIAL, POLITICAL AND COMMUNITY AGENDAS IN THE ARTS – Art festivals, arts and identities, art spirituality, museums, galleries and art institutions, arts policy, human rights in arts, art and globalization, art as propaganda.

Theme 5: VISUAL CULTURE – Cultural studies, critical studies, philosophy of arts, media studies.

Theme 6: ANTHROPOLOGY, ARCHAEOLOGY & SOCIOLOGY- Human behaviours and societies, cultural anthropology, artefacts, conservation, preservation, restoration, social interaction, social structure.